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Our Diagnonsense

Jul 9, 2024

Listen to the wonderful Amanda White, the creator behind the IG account Therapyforwomen talk about her imperfect journey with motherhood. This is a great episode, important for anyone making a big life transition. It's often a time when we transition from one stage of life to another and are confronted with the task of...

Jul 2, 2024

Listen to the latest episode of OurDiagnonsense with Cory Allen. We discuss his journey in recovering and repairing after childhood trauma. 

Make sure to check out his new amazing book, "Brave New You: A Road Map to Believing That More Is Possible."

You can find Cory on instagram @heycoryallen or on his...

Jun 25, 2024

Listen to the latest episode of Our Diagnonsense with Jillian Turecki, where she shares her experience with her father and how she overcame her early childhood wounds. It's a powerful and moving episode you won't want to miss.

Jun 18, 2024

Join our chat with the wonderful Kenzie Brenna. In this episode we talk about her experience in life transitions. Go find Kenzie and show her some love on instagram @kenziebrenna. 

Jun 6, 2024

Todd wrote a book and we are getting into the details of his process and giving him all the flowers he deserves....even thought the flowers i ordered for him weren't delivered...but thats another episode.